We are Freight Forwarders that have unlimited experience with all types of cargoes including: Dangerous Goods; heavy-lift; and unconventional transport (oversized).     We can provide door-to-door solution for the most outstanding projects. 

We are providing all types of consultancy.

  • Shipmanagement
  • Dangerous Goods (IMDG /IMO)
  • Heavy-lift / Oversize Cargo
  • Dutch and Russian legalisations
  • Operations
  • Chartering
  • Brokerage
  • Recruitment & Crewing
  • Engineering
  • Pilotage 

Depending on the requirements of the contract, we can supply the following:

  • Containers
  • Accessories
  • Building materials
  • Equipment
  • Machine Tools
  • Spareparts
  • Chemicals
  • Agricultural products

We commisioning and liaising on:

  • Projecting
  • Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Installation
  • Testing
  • Relevant auxiliary equipment
    • Lashing
    • Securing
    • Stuffing equipment

Services related to transportation:

  • Loading
  • Discharging
  • Transshipment
  • Storage
  • Cargo lashing
  • Customs clearance
  • Survey
  • Elaboration
  • Approval of lashing projects

Project Cargo

We offer a full range of services for movements of unconventional and Project related cargoes.

We are specialized in Heavy-lift, oversized, dangerous goods, and other offbeat cargoes that demand special care and treatment in a Technical,                        as well in a commercial manner.                                            


We have in-house ship-brokers that have acces to all types of vessels in the world including; Ro-Ro / MPP / Dock-type / Heavy-lift carriers / Tankers / Floating units. 

Our staff is able to find the tonnage that fully is corresponding to the requirements of the customer / cargo / contract, and what more important, we are specialized to make up Charter-Parties (C/P) terms in the manner to fully protecting client’s legal interest.

International Logistics

We are providing a full range of Forwarding Services Worldwide.

We offer handmade door-to-door solutions that are technical and commercial feassible. As a company we have unlimited experience in the movement of IMDG, Heavy-lift, and oversize cargoes.