Terms & Conditions

GTS Holding BV works under the following General Terms and Conditions:

The Dutch Forwarding Conditions (including the arbitration clause) in the latest version as registered by FENEX at the court in Amsterdam as well as in Rotterdam, Breda and Arnhem, apply to all our activities.

Free copy of the Dutch Forwarding Conditions is available upon request

In addition, All services shall be governed by and construed in accordance with General Conditions and Rules for Dutch Shipbrokers and Agents 2009, deposited at the Registry of the Rotterdam. District Court and Chamber of Commerce in Rotterdam.

Free copy of the Shipbrokers Conditions is available upon request.

Expediteur GTS

General Trading and Shipping B.V.

Gieterijstraat 62

2984 AB Ridderkerk

The Netherlands

E: Info@getas.nl