GTS Holding BV

Freight Forwarder Worldwide

Our Logistics Solutions

GTS is devoted to render agent services to existing and new clients in international freight forwarding industry. We give customized solutions for a wide range of cargoes from dry bulk to the most challenging heavy lift projects. We offer a wide range of services related to cargo movements. With a great understanding of the market, we handle your request in a pro-active and flexible manner. 


We make usage of computers and automated systems extensively to provide cost-effective solutions, we do not forget that real service is provided by real people. 

Our mission is to take care of your logistical needs in a reliable way.

“Even when something seems impossible, we will find a solution on your demand.”


Project Cargo

We offer a full range of services for movements of unconventional and Project related cargoes.

We are specialized in Heavy-lift, oversized, dangerous goods, and other offbeat cargoes that demand special care and treatment in a Technical, as well in a commercial manner. 



We have in-house ship-brokers that have acces to all types of vessels in the world including; Ro-Ro / MPP / Dock-type / Heavy-lift carriers / Tankers / Floating units. 

Our staff is able to find the tonnage that fully is corresponding to the requirements of the customer / cargo / contract, and what more important, we are specialized to make up Charter-Parties (C/P) terms in the manner to fully protecting client’s legal interest. 

International Logistics

We are providing a full range of Forwarding Services Worldwide.

We offer handmade door-to-door solutions that are technical and commercial feassible. As a company we have unlimited experience in the movement of IMDG, Heavy-lift, and oversize cargoes.